You'll Get Paid Faster!

By Brooke Tajer on

Did you know that with Pay Anywhere, you get paid faster? Like within the next business day fast, like you don't have to pause to think about it your business can keep running fast!

If you've been researching mobile credit card processing solutions, you might've noticed that people are concerned about funding, whether its a delay in funding or a limit to funding. Some might hold your money and some might have limits to how much you're paid per month. While it's understandable why these funding restraints might be in place, Pay Anywhere knows that the goal is to get you paid.

If you are accepting credit card payments with Pay Anywhere, you will receive funding within 2 days after the transaction has taken place!

File this under: Just another reason to start accepting payments and making money with Pay Anywhere. 

Still unsure if PayAnywhere is right for you and your business? Remember, if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, we’re just a phone call away. Please call us at 1-877-387-5640. If you're ready to get your free credit card reader and app today then just hit "sign up" and you will be well on your way!