Why You Shouldn’t Blog about Your Business

By Brooke Tajer on
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 In 2013, 43% of marketers reported gaining a new customer due to their business blog. However, a large amount of businesses state their blogs aren’t worth the time investment. One must wonder how this can be, since business blogs have been proven to improve conversion rates, strengthen brands, and stimulate customer growth.

As it turns out, the same businesses who reported less-than-satisfactory results from their blogs are the same businesses who admitted their blog content mainly consisted of topics pertaining to their own products and services.

To those businesses, take the advice of online marketing strategist David Meerman Scott: “Stop talking about your products and services. People don’t care about products and services; they care about themselves.” Let it be known – the people that read your business blog are not reading it for product information. They are reading it for their own personal interest in topics that they deem relevant and valuable. In order to expect customers to read your blog, you need to first give them adequate reasons to.

One of the best ways to increase your blog audience is to become your readers’ trustworthy source for valuable tips and do-it-yourself instructions. For example, rather than blogging about their discounted tile prices, a hardware company would be better off blogging about the easiest steps to re-tiling a bathroom floor. By taking the focus off of your actual business, you will draw even more interested readers back to your site while at the same time increasing their chances of becoming customers.

Not only is it important to maintain customers’ interest in your blog topics, but it is also vital for other bloggers to grow to rely on and trust your content. As they realize your ability to become an essential, helpful resource, they will begin to link your blog to a variety of different sites, which will ultimately positively influence your search engine rankings.

Turn your business blog into a renowned success among your customers by always keeping their interests and needs in mind.