Why You Should Consider Mobile Payments

By Brooke Tajer on

If you own or operate a business that involves traveling from one location to another, you can benefit from using mobile payments. For example, if you operate a mobile pet grooming business, your customers probably often ask you to let them pay by credit card. Do you carry a credit card terminal in your van? Do you need to plug it in or connect it to a telephone line in order to get it to function? A mobile payment system through a merchant services provider will allow you to use your cell phone and an android or  iphone credit card reader to process credit card payments. What could be simpler?

You might be an electrician or a plumber. While your basic services may not require you to invoice your customers for large amounts, you'll sometimes do bigger jobs. Most customers will prefer to pay for such large purchases with a credit card instead of with a check or cash. A mobile payments system will allow you to take credit cards without investing in expensive equipment or going through lengthy telephone approval processes.

What if your business is a little bigger? For example, you might own and manage a fleet of document delivery vans. Each of your couriers has a specific route with regular customers. But what happens when you get a new customer? You will want to service them right away, but you might not have time to run an extensive credit check on them. And you won't want to invest in expensive credit card processing equipment for each van and courier. But if your couriers have card readers to attach to their cell phones, they can easily take a credit card payment from the new customer. Each phone will link to your merchant services provider account, which will validate the customers' credit cards, approve their purchases, and transfer the payment funds directly into your business bank account. Again, can you think of a simpler way to process customer payments?

Your merchant services provider will provide you with around the clock support, too, for those times when you might need assistance. If there is ever a problem in processing a customer's credit card payment, you or an employee will be able to contact a support technician who can help you get things working again.

You will also discover a wealth of other benefits when you accept mobile payments. You'll be able to set alerts and important for keeping you on time for your next appointment. You'll be able to generate sales reports, customized to your company's specific needs. It will also be easy to track customer spending habits, manage your sales staff, or just keep an eye on your personal sales information. The information is there for you to use as you see fit.

A merchant services provider can assist you in setting up a mobile payment system that works through your cell phone. That means you can process payments, no matter where you are. As long as you can make a cell phone call, you can process a customer's credit card payment. And what could be more convenient than that?


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