Why Should I Use a Mobile Point of Sale System?

By Brooke Tajer on
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accept_credit_cards_nowThere seems to be a new mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution announced every month, so why should you invest? Some would argue that the mobile point of sale system is the future of business. Many mPOS solutions provide more than just payment processing and inventory management - some, like PayAnywhere, also include in-depth reporting and business metrics you need in order to make smart choices and grow your profits.

In a recent article, Independent Retailer shared five reasons why you should invest in a mobile point of sale system like PayAnywhere. Those reasons are:

  1. There is usually no costly up-front investment.
  2. A mPOS levels the technology playing field for small businesses competing with larger businesses.
  3. Cloud-based mPOS solutions offer a variety of features aimed at helping you run your business.
  4. Mobile point of sale systems have increased security and automatic compliance.
  5. Using an mPOS results in more social good and more customer loyalty.

For more details on these reasons, read the article by Independent Retailer. To get started with PayAnywhere, visit