Simple Tips for Marketing Your Small Business Online

By Brooke Tajer on
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online marketingYou have your new what to do with it? Get your name out there using these efficient tips from small business owners and marketing experts who have been there.

1. Manage Your Online Listing. Your online listing is the first thing customers will see once they reach your site through either a direct search or the results of a search engine. Thus, it is very important to not only ensure that your information is correct and up to date, but to make sure that it is portraying your business the way you desire it to. So how do you do that? A great place to start is with Google Place for Business. Google will ask you to enter and verify your business information. Then the fun part begins. Personalize your page through photos and deals that will catch your customers’ attention and show them who you are. Ask yourself if you yourself would want to give your business a try just by what your website discloses. Also, make sure to keep your information current, valid, and fresh, as this will be the first page customers are brought to when searching for your business.

2. Create a Social Media Page. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network, make your business available to the public. In a world where nearly everyone has access to these popular sites, social media is your best – and cheapest- route to making your business known. Remember to include your friends and family. They want to have your back – so let them. Share your Facebook page with them and ask them to share. Only a few clicks of a mouse and your business may have hundreds of new followers or likes.

3. Create Your Own Blog. Business blogs prove to be one of the cost-effective ways to spread the word about your products. Upload frequently and draw in your perspective readers with interesting topics, ones that people will be most likely to share. You may also use your blog to stay connected with existing customers by keeping them in the loop about upcoming deals and promotions. Even just being mentioned in another’s blog can be helpful. Whether they simply mention the item or perform a full review, your business is being introduced to countless new potential customers. According to Lisa Chu, owner of Black N Bianco Children's Formal Wear, “Once the review goes up, there will be a link directly to your site. That link will give you a nice SEO boost on search engines,” which in turn increases the traffic of your site.

4. Make Sharing Easy. Regardless of the type of social media you choose to utilize, make sure that your content and blogs are easy for people to share. The simple insertion of a hot-link button to your social media page allows and invites fans to easily and quickly do your advertising for you. Ensure that you are able to be followed by your loyal customers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

5. Facebook Ads. Create a Facebook ad for your business. Rather than simply sharing your business page with friends, Facebook’s ad platform enables you to choose between and select specific categories of viewers who will be exposed to your ads, including competitors’ pages. Not only is this added feature cost efficient, but the amount you spend is entirely in your control.

6. Offer a Rich Mobile Experience. Do flip-phones even exist anymore? Smart phones are rampant, meaning potential customers are just waiting to scroll over your site at any time and from anywhere. A recent study showed that 46% of the population uses their phones to look up local businesses. As such, making your website accessible to mobile users automatically enhances the possibility of your site traffic. If it’s there, they’re bound to find it.

7. Stay Connected. You already have a great listing; now share it! Build your contacts and connect with loyal customers through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, or whichever source you enjoy most. Allow them to post their reviews and do your advertising for you. Invite friends and family to like and share your page. Voice your products and promotions, as well as any other interesting facts you think will increase your followers. Don’t be afraid to show them just how much you believe in your business. You should be your number one fan, so be outgoing. Your business depends on it.

Maintaining an interesting website is fundamental for marketing your business in a socially-driven world. By focusing on content, social media and using marketing tools available to you, you'll be reaching more customers and providing yourself with higher conversion rates.