What’s On Your Reading List?

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stack of magazines and glassesThere are so many outlets to get business advice including blogs, podcasts, books and magazines - but how do you know which ones are the right ones? You can turn to your favorite search engine and type in “must read” but what that turns up is list after list, giving you more to comb through. Let us do the research for you and compile the best “must read” lists out there. All you have to do is select the book, podcast, blog or magazine that best suits your needs.


The people at asked more than 350 of today’s top entrepreneurs “What business book would you recommend to Fire Nation?” They turned those answers into a list of the top 15 business books they’d recommend. Click here to view it.

This past summer, Melinda Emerson wrote a blog for that put together a reading list of “must-reads” for successful business owners. Though her slant was reading the books during the summer, the list has a lot of great reads that can help in all facets of business — no matter the season.

Bigcommerce Blog

Blogs are an excellent resource for any business owner. They are typically well researched and offer information on a wide variety of topics. The marketing team at Bigcommerce compiled a list of marketing blogs every business owner should know about and use. These 17 suggested reads run the gamut from a social media scheduling tool, to a publication that many in the marketing industry turn to for inspiration.

The number of business books out there seems to be limitless, luckily Alyssa Gregory put together a piece on the “10 Books Every Small Business Owner Should Read” for the About Money section of She focused her efforts on inspiring, and actionable business books that are geared to helping businesses succeed.

Helpful information can come from anywhere, and one of the newest places business owners are turning to for advice and information are Podcasts. put together what they consider to be the best Podcasts for entrepreneurs, small business owners and online marketers. They focused their lists on shows that offer actionable advice in each episode.

We hope you find our list of lists to be useful. There are countless ways to get information to help your business succeed, but it’s how you use that information that determines whether or not it is beneficial. Good luck, and happy reading and listening!