What’s New in PayAnywhere’s 3.1.1 for iOS Update?

By Brooke Tajer on
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PayAnywhere 3.11 on iPhonesIn addition to the current features for iPhone and iPad, PayAnywhere’s 3.1.1 for iOS update provides merchants with the new and innovative feature of SMS receipts.

First came paper receipts, then email receipts. Now with the PayAnywhere’s 3.1.1 for iOS update, you have the option to text, email or print receipts for your customers. The update also allows you to view a real-time preview of your email receipt settings on your phone. With SMS receipts, customers can easily access their receipts from their iPhone or iPad anytime.

To refresh your memory, the below features were added in the PayAnywhere 3.1 update:

User Experience
With the new app redesign, PayAnywhere provides a more intuitive user experience. Now with express sell, you can skip the checkout process by simply swiping a card.

Now merchants can create discounts just as they would an item. Add cart-level and item-level discounts.

Item Library
Merchants can organize items in color-coded categories or sort them into your favorites by clicking the heart icon in Item details.

Multiple Prices and Modifiers
Customize modifiers to allow one or multiple selections and create options with or without additional costs on the item.

Improved in-app reporting to give merchants more insight on their customers and sales trends.

With PayAnywhere’s  3.1.1 for iOS update, merchants can offer customers convenient SMS receipts sent straight to their iPhone or iPad. This provides easily accessible receipts for both merchants and customers, and takes one step further towards improving the transaction process.

Download the update from the App Store today. Updates on Android releases coming soon. For more information on PayAnywhere’s latest update on SMS receipts, call 1.877.387.5640 or visit us online at