Video Marketing Trends Your Small Business Can Use

By Brooke Tajer on
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Today more than ever, video marketing  is an important strategy for businesses of all sizes. From the numerous available platforms on which to promote it to the technology that makes it easy to produce, video is a popular and effective way to engage and acquire customers.

You don’t need a big media department to create them either. Often all you need is a smartphone and a few online tool to help get you in the video game. Here are six trends for small businesses to consider when it comes to video marketing.

Short and Sweet

Videos don’t have to be long; in fact, short, attention-grabbing videos can be much more effective than lengthy ones, especially on social media. There are plenty of micro video apps out there like Instagram Stories that make creating and sharing them simple.

User-Generated Content

Contests and promotions in which you ask your customers to submit their videos related to your business (perhaps showing your product off in an interesting way or at various locations) can make for powerful, persuasive content. This kind of user-generated content shares on YouTube and other platforms.

Live Video

Facebook Live makes it easy to reach a huge audience (An estimated 500 million people watch Facebook videos each day) and gives an urgency to your message. Twitter Periscope, offers similar capabilities.


When it comes to describing a new product or service or explaining how something works, customers increasingly want videos. Wyzowl reports that 68 percent of people would rather watch a video than call a company and 74 percent of people who watched a video ended up buying it.

Video Via Email

Because video has proven so effective with consumers, more businesses are including videos in email marketing campaigns. You already have a targeted list, so it’s a great audience for viewing a video. Those who have included video in emails have seen success. One study found that 55 percent of those who included videos in their email saw a higher click-through rate, and 41 percent saw an increase in the sharing or forwarding of those emails.


If you haven’t yet heard the term, experts say you soon will. Infotainment means not just providing customers information but doing so in an entertaining way. Boring is out.

The bottom line: Video is big and will just keep getting bigger. All business owners, regardless of size, should consider incorporating it into their marketing plans. Lights, camera, action!