Video Marketing Tips to Boost your Digital Marketing Efforts

By Brooke Tajer on
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 Social media and videos go hand in hand. While video provides information in an entertaining way, social media helps people see and share the information. The sooner marketers realize this valuable connection, the sooner they may begin to take advantage of the productivity the combination creates.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Internet Project, 71% of those who post videos online post them through social media, and 58% of those who watch online videos watch them off of social networks. Another survey found that 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they view a video about it first. Since videos play an important role in impacting customers decisions, and since social media is clearly a successful way to share those videos, business owners would be wise to incorporate both aspects into their marketing efforts.

The following are tips on how to use both video content and social media to best market your business.

  1. Produce Interesting Content. The content provided by your business is the same content that customers will be sharing with their friends and family. That being said, the content should be sharable. The videos should be interesting and entertaining enough for customers to not be embarrassed or hesitant to share on their own pages and media outlets. Also, the content should be kept light. Keep in mind that customers, when viewing the videos via social media, are expecting something short and sweet, something that will not distract them from their newsfeeds for too long. If they feel that your content is dragging them down, they will simply skip over to one of the dozens of other less-commitment-requiring videos available.

  2. Easy to Share. Along with being interesting enough to view, the videos should be easy for the viewers to share. Ensure that URLs are short and contain important keywords, and that the links are in good working order. Increase the likelihood of customers sharing your videos by including various social media share buttons; the easier it is for them to share it, the more likely they are to share it.

  3. Utilize YouTube. Since YouTube currently owns about 20% of the online video market, it is a great channel to be a part of. YouTube is also free so there is little cost-based risk associated with at least trying the channel to see if it is a fit for your business. Even if you are already posting your content on other media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it would still be beneficial to upload your videos to YouTube, as well. Red Bull and GoPro are both known for their great video content, and both companies’ videos can be found on YouTube. Before posting, however, make sure that your videos’ titles, descriptions, and captions are YouTube search-engine friendly, meaning that viewers will be able to easily find you when searching on YouTube.

As social media and video marketing both continue to grow in popularity with customers worldwide, make sure that your business is reaping the benefits of what the two – combined – have to offer.

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