Unusual Things You Can Do to Motive Your Employees

By Brooke Tajer on
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 Raises and promotions can be effective when trying to motivate your employees - but have you considered other, more unique options?

Here are some unusual things you can do to motivate your employees, courtesy of Inc.:

1. Start a "mini-CEO" program - this can help create a culture of innovation and empowerment.

2. Make "fun" part of your business model - allow your employees to compete in cubicle decoration contests and host theme days where employees are encouraged to dress up.

3. Give the company to your employees - start an employee stock ownership program and help them become more invested in their future, and the future of the business.

4. Do something crazy - do something a little unusual to inspire your employees whether it's the CEO dressing up as something funny, or hosting a flash mob dance party.

5. Send handwritten notes to employees - a handwritten thank-you note can help make your employees feel special.

6. Let them rest - napping can be a good way to motivate employees, consider adding a "nap room" to your business.

7. Mentor everyone - mentorships help employees connect with other staffers and can push them to think outside of their traditional roles.