Transform Your Business into a Social Business

By Brooke Tajer on
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 In a world where people are constantly plugged in, connected, and communicating around the clock, it is no wonder that more businesses are veering toward becoming social.

Apart from popular views, the acts of sharing and engaging do not classify businesses as social; those are merely businesses that partake in social activities. True social businesses are those who are culturally social – those who have employees who are deeply engaged, accountable, determined, and empowered to accomplish whatever must be done to portray the business through a variety of communication outlets. These are the employees who genuinely care for the brand they are representing, and they are able to quickly access whoever needs to be reached in order to accomplish a goal.

The following are vital keys in morphing one’s business into a truly social one.

1. Increased Accountability. To be truly social, a business must place its entire organization before the world, thus allowing anyone and everyone to have a voice on the organization’s behalf. However, with the increased voice also comes increased responsibility, especially on the employees’ parts. Since the social businesses give their employees the full power and freedom to employ their own social media channels in order to engage with and secure customers, employees need to be aware of the weight that comes with every word they use, as it will forever be a representation of the company as a whole.

2. Company Campaigners. Social business employees also need to have a deep understanding of their role in ensuring that customers and happy and engaged. Since consumers are more in-tune than ever before, employees need to be even more so, ready at all times to listen and handle situations across a wide range of channels. The employees possess the rare kind of dedication that enables them to use the added responsibility as a reminder to fully participate and realize their own, personal role in the company’s overall success.

3. Various Environments. For a social business, constant, continual interaction between employees and departments of all ranks within the business is vital. With countless outlets and thousands of potential customers, social businesses need to be able to trust that all of their employees are equipped to make the immediate, necessary decisions when prompted. A heighted level of trust and dependency across all positions of employees is required so that each and every partner is able to address certain complaints and situations when arisen.

Becoming a social business is much more than simply making a social media page for your company. The goal is – through the use of social media and other networks across the web – to create a business that is able to most efficiently use its resources to stay consistently connected and promote excellent customer service.