Top Project Management Apps for Startups

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 Implementing a project management tool to help with your startup can benefit you in a number of ways. Advantages may include: better efficiency in delivering services; improved growth and development among your team; more flexibility; enhanced customer satisfaction and increased risk assessment.

Here are some of the top apps that help entrepreneurs manage projects successfully:

  • AsanaAsana is an app that makes it easier to collaborate with remote workers and freelancers. As one of the most popular project management tools, this app is an intuitive project management system and is best for teams looking for a strong collaboration tool that simplifies processes.
  • SquiggleSquiggle allows remote workers to connect via video on demand, while also allowing employers and managers to oversee an employee’s work day. The app is passively on and only shows a quick photo of you working every 10 seconds or so. To chat, you simply click on your employee and you are instantly on video.
  • AtTask EnterpriseAtTask provides entrepreneurs with a cloud-based work management solution that combines all of their essential work processes and tools into a single platform. The app helps entrepreneurs prioritize work across multiple projects, eliminate excessive status meetings, and collaborate more effectively. The dashboard is unique becayse users can customize it to their liking. At $30 per user per month, AtTask offers more functionality for experienced project managers.
  • RedboothWith plans starting at as little as $49 a month, Redbooth offers unlimited storage, free Google Drive and Dropbox integration, and a host of awesome features such as workload view, iPhone and Android apps and role-based permissions. Redbooth has a simple user interface that’s particularly good for collaboration where teams can discuss tasks in real time while sharing a screen. It not only allows you to connect with your team internally, but also with external clients. 
  •  Wrike − Wrike, a privately owned online project management software service, is an app featuring a real-time workspace online. Teams can collaborate to get projects done effectively. The app also provides customers with the convenience of tracking and communicating with team members while on the go. The basic management plan is free of charge for up to 5 users, and also offers additional packages for teams seeking professional services.