Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Blog Content Flops

By Brooke Tajer on
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 You’re doing everything you’re supposed to. You stay on top of your business blog, you make sure to include a few product videos and interesting pictures, and you always follow up by linking your posts to your social media outlets – all of them. So why aren’t your viewers sharing your content? Here are the top three reasons why your business content just isn’t an audience success.

1. Your Content is Not Share Worthy. In order for your content to be shared by your followers and viewers, it must be worthy of their approval. Think about it; by sharing your posts, they are allowing your posts to become a reflection of themselves among their entire social world. That being said, your stuff better be good. In order to generate their interest and approval, choose topics that are relevant, whether to them personally or in the news. Make sure to write about things that they can either use or are so interesting that they just have to spread it around. If you wouldn’t want to share it on your own personal page, don’t expect your readers to share it on theirs.

2. The Post is Visually Unappealing. If the post is poorly designed, its chances of going viral automatically decrease. Though there are some exceptions, for the most part, expect that visual appeal is a necessity for sharing. Keep in mind that placement is important; the elements on the page should be placed in the way you would like your readers to see and interpret the message. You can further direct where your customers’ eyes tend to land through contrasts in text size and font, the size of images, and the use of bold and subtle colors.

3. Bad Timing. Sometimes it all depends on what is going on in the world. Don’t be surprised if people don't share an article of yours entitled “three easy steps to re-tile a bathroom” on Valentine’s Day. Posting is an art – note the time of the year, the particular day of the week, and world events and holidays before posting.

Content marketing may take some time to truly master, but don’t give up just quite yet; you’ll get there. Give these three tips a try and see if, over time, those share numbers start to increase.