Tips to Better Your Business Writing

By Brooke Tajer on
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 The way your business is portrayed depends a lot on how you allow it to be portrayed – and the way in which you display your business is through your own writing. Whether through business emails, social media status updates, or any other forms of business communication, the main goal is to allow customers to see the real, friendly, human side of your company. You will still need to be clear and informative, but in an interesting and unique way that gives your audience a glimpse of who you and your business really are. Use the following tips to enhance your writing in a way that will have the greatest impact on your audience.

1. Keep it Simple. The more simple you are in your writing, the more clear it will be to your readers, which in turn will leave little to no room for misunderstanding. Keep your text plain and simple, easy enough for customers to quickly grasp your point without much effort or thought.

2. Avoid Long Sentences. Keep your sentences short. The use of more, shorter sentences tends to have a greater effect than one long, drawn-out sentence. You may also want to change it up with some two or three-word sentences to really grab your readers’ attention or to add emphasis. Such as this. It causes the reader to feel as though they are engaging in an actual, casual conversation with you, which automatically causes an increase in receptivity while reading.

3. Use Bullet Points. The impact of bullets never grows old. They are simple, short, and get straight to the point. They also help to neatly outline the point of your topic. Readers can determine with a mere glance the gist of what is being discussed.

4. Keep it Casual. The more casual your writing is, the easier and more enjoyable it is for customers to not only read your information, but to connect with your business as well. Publishing posts that sound more like a comfortable conversation between friends rather than a professor’s lecture will have a greater impact on your readers’ attention

5. Use Contradictions. Since readers enjoy pieces that flow and are easy to read, shorten phrases through the incorporation of contradictions. Simply replacing a “we are” with a “we’re” establishes a warmer, more normal tone, one that resembles the way in which we actually speak.

Successful business writing doesn’t equal scholarly writing. It simply means writing in a way that will cause your customers to feel as though reading your information is not taking a drain on their day. Keep it light, simple, and to the point, and your number of readers will rise.