Tips for Better Instagram Engagement

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InstagramIf your business hasn’t jumped on Instagram yet, you should highly consider it. With over 500 million active users, it’s no shock that it is becoming one of the top social media sites. And don’t think this online mobile photo-sharing network is only for personal use, businesses all over the world are actively connecting with users to increase their network and profits. For those who are already on Instagram or are contemplating a new strategy for the growing platform, take a look at these tips to help increase Instagram engagement:


The most obvious and effective component of Instagram is posting pictures for users to like, share and comment. However, before you go posting tons of random photos, take a look at a few tricks that will increase the likeliness that your content will be consumed and shared. Quality photos are a must! As Instagram is updated the expectation of having high quality content grows. Companies will even go as far as taking professional photos to articulate their brand through images. Best practices are editing your photos so they all flow and have the same color theme. You can use filters that are within the application or other photo editing software/apps. Studies show that photos that have more negative space, blue tint or texture receive the most engagement. Even though the picture will capture user’s eyes, remember to write a strong caption with relevant hashtags or tell a story to keep the user engaged.


The best way to get discovered on Instagram is through the use of well crafted hashtags. A mix of industry related and abstract hashtags are typical. Try to stay around 5-10 hashtags per post that are related to your business. Many Instagram users are turned off by companies who use all 30 available hashtag spots. You can check out the top 100 hashtags thatare used frequently. It also helps to know the do’s and don’ts of  #hashtagging:

  • Do be specific.
  • Do create your own relevant, unbranded hashtag.
  • Don’t be too clever or unclear.
  • Don’t hashtag everything.


Another easy way to get on the map (literally) is through geotagging. Add your location to your photo and from there, other users can search and find you. You can use a general location such as a city, or your specific store. It’s especially helpful if you have a small business that may be hard to find. Users can see that your location is nearby and be more willing to interact with you.


Follow accounts that are similar to your own so you can connect with users and increase your network. However, don’t focus on the number of followers and likes on your page, instead look at the interactions you have among users. When you receive a comment, acknowledge the effort to connect with you. Followers are potential customers so treat them the same way you would in person.

Call to Action.

Another way to increase Instagram engagement is to promote contests or giveaways. By enticing users to repost or take a photo with your product, they are potentially getting a reward. Look at how Starbucks uses Instagram to promote their products by reposting content from users which costs them minimal time and no money, but gave Instagram users an incentive to be shown on their page. Posting about a special offer or promotion you're having will also help customers frequent your page for up-to-date offers. This interaction can drive up traffic.

Find Your Community.

Even though Instagram has over 300 million daily users, it doesn’t mean you have to connect with everyone. You should find your niche within Instagram. Tell your story through your photos, captions and hashtags. You can search for an influencer that accompanies your business type in order to connect to specific people.

Social media is about connecting with people and converting that web traffic into foot traffic. So have fun and enjoy representing your brand on Instagram. And don’t forget to cross promote on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use social media for advertising your business, register for North American Bancard’s webinar on social advertising on July 19,  2016 at 2:00 p.m. EST.