Tip Alert - Interviewing

By Brooke Tajer on

So you're ready to expand your business and take on another employee or two. Congratulations! But if you have never interviewed prospective candidates before, the task can be overwhelming. You're hiring people who will be trusted with important aspects of your business and it's vital that you hire the right people. Here are some interviewing tips from Time's Small Business Tip of the Day series to help you improve your chances of hiring the perfect addition to your team.

1.) Before you bring an interviewee into the interview room, have them sit near a current employee to see how they interact. This should give you an idea as to whether this person will be a good fit in your business environment, a very important aspect to consider when bringing in new employees.

2.) Invite interviewees to ask their own questions to gauge if candidates are truly interested in the position. If their interest is low, it will be clear by the questions they do or don't ask.

3.) Ask candidates to share how they got their first job. You want to hire people who will work hard and whether or not a person got a job at an early age is a strong indicator of their work ethic.

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