Three Holiday Marketing Strategies You Need To Use This Year

By Ashley Littles on
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Christmas presentThe month of November has become all about holiday novelty, and not just Thanksgiving. Big-box retailers are already shifting their stores to accommodate decorations and house ware items that stir up festive fanfare for shoppers. Small business owners can stake their claim in successful holiday marketing strategies with these three suggestions:

Adjust Your Call-to-Action Buttons: Make it easy for your customer to identify your offer with clearly stated calls to action designed for conversions. Pay attention to the design and the copy being used, because these elements tie hand-in-hand with the psychology of consumers and whether they will buy what you’re selling. Your buttons should answer these questions: “Where do I Click?” and “Will clicking produce what your offer promised?”

Conduct Key Word Research: This is a perfect opportunity to introduce a digital marketing strategy that can help your small business all year long. Exploring which words people type into search engines to gain information can help you develop sharp content that answers their questions. Strategically placed keywords can increase your SEO ranking and drive people to your website, promotion, and store.

Develop Video Content: While this suggestion takes a bit more effort and resources, its value should be underscored. posted an article reporting that 80% of people watched product reviews and ratings on YouTube to help with holiday shopping. Product demonstrations and apparel lookbooks are a great way to promote what you have to offer for shoppers this holiday season. Another great point to add is that nearly half of all video plays occur on mobile devices. Your content goes with your consumer, so the investment has the potential to pay off hugely.

Whatever your holiday sales goals are, there is still time to plan and execute your vision. If your business is trying a new strategy this year, make the most of the season with a positive outlook and a team of resources to help make your sales season a success!