The Top 2 Online Marketing Dashboards

By Brooke Tajer on
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marketing dashboardOnline marketing campaigns are vital keys in the promotion and success of small businesses. Content marketing goes a long way in getting one’s business out there. In an effort to help businesses manage their online marketing campaigns, several tools have become available that will not only help you stay organized, but will also help you analyze the success of your efforts. Here are two dashboards that have proven themselves beneficial in helping businesses move forward in the marketing realm.

1. Cyfe. With over 60,000 satisfied users, Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard tool currently supporting companies like, Zoho, Whole Foods, Groupon, ABC network, and AT&T. The customizable dashboard allows you to analyze visitor data and provides an overview of your business’s website, including details like the number of subscribers, click and bounce statistics, and email marketing information, such as how many customers are actually opening your emails. You will also be able to connect with your revenue sources to see exactly how much revenue you are receiving and from where. Users are able to create their own widgets to allow for even easier management and use of the program, as well as an ease of access while searching for particular information.

2. Smart Insights. For those businesses that need a greater sense of guidance in their digital marketing efforts, Smart Insights is a great platform to use. With members in over 50 different countries, the dashboard tool provides an actionable library of marketing advice created by more than 25 digital marketing experts and edited by Dr. Dave Chaffey, a bestselling digital marketing author. Tutorials, templates, and guides are all available to help you create, manage, and review your own comprehensive marketing strategy. The dashboard is great for those who realize they are in need of an integrated digital marketing campaign but have no idea of where of how to begin.

Online marketing is essential for your small business’s future success. For the benefit of your business, use the available tools to better understand how your present and potential customers are interacting with your brand and its marketing efforts.