The Right Social Media Content for Businesses

By Brooke Tajer on
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 To get attention online, companies must aim for likes, tweets, and views. Brand value is now measured by audience and engagement, particularly on social networks. Companies must develop strategies to attract the audience to its content on social media and blogs.

LinkedIn recently held a conference for marketing and public relations professionals on the topic of using the platform for brand promotion. Here are the key points from the event:

1. There is too much content. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the content available online. Business owners need to make sure that their posts are not only staying relevant to their audiences, but that they are not unknowingly drifting towards excessively sharing parts of their personal lives. Businesses need to use social media and blogging only when they have something to say to their audiences. Anything else only adds to the chatter.

2. Joining the conversation generates traffic. Though you don’t want to bombard your viewers with your brand, you can still participate in conversations – and even start some. You don’t need to write long blog posts. LinkedIn spokeswoman Catherine Fisher pointed out that status updates and story sharing on social media is just as effective as creating blog posts. An audience can be generated simply by being present and publishing content. Employees are incredible influencers, and empowering them to participate in conversations on social media can significantly increase your reach.

3. Good content is genuine. Marketing messages that get the market’s attention are authentic. They do not simply boast about a product or company, but appeal to emotions. It is the good, interesting, useful content that ends up going viral in the social media world. Instead of writing about the products you sell, go for the hearts of the people in your audience and offer them things that they would be interested in reading.

Regardless of the social media platform you use for your business, whether LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, make sure that you are employing posting strategies, rather than just posting blindly. Take some advice from the experts and provide your readers with content that is a good mix of both marketing and customer interest.