The Positive Effects of Small Business Blogging

By Brooke Tajer on
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 To compete with larger companies, small businesses need to take advantage of every opportunity they can. Online marketing and increased online presence positively impact small businesses and their exposure. Blogs in particular help to increase visibility and strengthen customer relationships.

Business blogs allow the business website to have a broader range of content. They transform the website from simply holding general company information to a place with interesting articles and new material on a regular basis. Customers gain confidence as businesses earn authority and credibility by easily sharing information on relevant topics in blog posts.

Another advantage of a business blog is the positive effects on search engine optimization. Google picks up on consistent, relevant content, and blogging is a means of sharing that kind of information more frequently. Linking a business blog to the homepage of the website can also increase visibility in Google search.

Blogging also creates the perfect opportunity for engagement. Rather than using a business blog to promote products and services, focus on providing value to your customers. Give them your expert opinion. Provide how-to guides and answer their questions. Make the blog less about your business, and more about your customers and their needs.

Small business bloggers sometimes face challenges that can decrease their productivity and hurt their content marketing efforts. It can be difficult to find the time to write new blog posts, or even come up with ideas for content. One way to get topics for content is to check your mail. Business owners need only look to see which questions they have been asked most often. The answers to those questions can become interesting, useful blog posts. The links to such posts can then be sent whenever the same questions are asked and shared on social media. It may also be helpful to look at local markets and find the best ways to reach them. Viewing the websites of competitors may also reveal strategies for new idea development.