Social Media Stats You Need to Know

By Brooke Tajer on
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Happy Friday! We wanted to give you some information about social media, some great digital stats that you can use to better educate yourself on social media and how it works and what the trends are at the moment. We are happy to share this information with you, and hope that you find it useful for your business! Enjoy these social media stats you may, or may not, know from Digital Insights.

SOCIAL MEDIA 2014: Facebook: 1.28 billion monthly active users | Google Plus: 540 million monthly active users and over 1.6 billion total users | Twitter: 255 million monthly active users and over 1 billion total users | Instagram: 200 million monthly active users | LinkedIn: 187 milion monthly active users and over 300 million total users | Pinterest: 40 million monthly active users and over 70 million total users | Vine: Over 40 million total users | Snapchat: 30 million monthly active users and Over 60 million total users | YouTube: Over 1 billion total users and 80% of traffic from outside US | Blog: Over 6.7 million people blog via blogging sites and 77% of internet users read internet blogs.


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