Social Media Do's and Don'ts from the Experts

By Brooke Tajer on
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 You have a lot to worry about as a small business owner; don't let social media be one of those things. Use these tips from Constant Contact to prioritize your efforts and find some success:

1. Don't feel that you have to be on every social media network. Instead, use the networks most relevant to your target audience.

2. Do use images and videos whenever possible. Posts with some type of photo or video get more attention on most social networks.

3. Don't use automatic Direct Messages on Twitter, they are no longer influential. Instead of an automatic DM, craft a unique tweet mentioning your new follower.

4. Tag anyone mentioned in your posts. Tagging those you mention is a great way to show someone you are talking about them and to get more shares on social media.

5. Don't forget to follow back. When you get a new follower, check out their profile and see if their posts are relevant to you or your business.

6. Do use hashtags on all supporting networks. Hashtags are a great way to ensure your content gets found on social networks.

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