Say Hello to Online Payments!

By Shaun Burke on
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We're excited to introduce Online Payments on PayAnywhere Inside! The addition of our virtual terminal in version 5.2 of PayAnywhere Inside equips merchants with yet another tool to process transactions.

 PayAnywhere Inside on laptopPayAnywhere Inside on tablet

Located under the Business section of PayAnywhere Inside, Online Payments gives you the ability to accept payments right in your browser. To do so, login to PayAnywhere Inside → Business → Online Payments.

  1. Enter transaction amount and optional notes.
  2. Key in your customer’s credit card information.
  3. Assign a customer and enter contact information for an optional receipt.

PayAnywhere Online Payment Approved

You can also view and manage Online Payments under Activity → Transactions → Online Payments. In the event that you need to void or refund a transaction, this is where you’ll be able to do that. For more information on voids and refunds, visit the Online Payments FAQ.

As we say hello to a new feature, we are also saying goodbye to an old one. In order to better protect our merchants from fraudulent transactions, we are removing Forced Transactions from the PayAnywhere app in version 5.2.

As always, you can contact us by phone, email, or live chat if you need assistance!