Read This Before You Use a Meme for Business

By Brooke Tajer on
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''I meme business''

Memes can boost your business and improve online presence by making you more approachable to potential clients. They are a popular form of visual communication on social media platforms. They can be powerful tools for marketing and business growth. Here are considerations to look at when planning to use a meme for your business, according to Small Biz Daily:

Target audience. Depending on your audience, sarcasm may not be the best form of humor. Be sure to create memes that fit the values of your target market and do not cause offense.

Shared interests. Identify the things members of your audience have in common, whether it is knowledge, interests or location. The common factor should be the foundation of the comedic material for your meme.

Internet savviness. Evaluate your audience’s experience with the internet. An audience that is already familiar with memes will appreciate it more. If they are used to them and enjoy them, you can gain extra points by creating one that makes them laugh.

Media types. Think about the best way to create a meme. If your target audience is generally pressed for time, a still image will work better than a video. Consider your platforms and the ways people engage with you on them.

Contest participation. Determine whether or not your audience would participate if you hosted a contest. You can use a hash tag to streamline and access the entries. This involves your audience in the process and encourages them to engage with you. It can also increase your audience as others are attracted to the contest and may enter. Be sure to provide guidelines for entries to minimize the risk of bad content.

Memes are a great way to make your business more personable and approachable. They can be used to make fun of situations known to your audience, or to engage them in an activity or conversation. Depending on popularity, your meme can attract new business or even get free promotion for your business. It is important to take steps to ensure that your humor is not offensive, but inclusive. This will ensure that you don’t have a public relations nightmare on your hands, but a marketing success.