Pin Your Business on Pinterest

By Brooke Tajer on
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 As one of the ever-growing and highly populated social media sites available to the public, Pinterest has proven its ability to efficiently promote one’s business.

Beth Hayden, author of Pinfluence, revealed that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. In the most recent Social Media Referral Report, Pinterest ranked highly in its line of social media traffic, second only to Facebook. So if your business is not already on Pinterest, get it there.

Many businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits of being pinned by pinners of all ages. Caribou Coffee engages with its customers by allowing them to upload new ideas for recipes, and Vogue Paris, after just one year of adding the “Pin it” button to its website and emails, has doubled its followers and notes higher referral traffic on its site.  

By setting up a Pinterest account for your small business, you will not only strengthen your name by exposing it to an exponentially rising audience, but you will also allow others to do your marketing for you. It is completely up to you how much or little content choose to share. Keeping up where your brand is mentioned is another great way to stay interactive with your followers and potential customers. Just a simple “thank you” in the comment section under their pin assures them and consequently increases your potential for growth.

Along with being able to effectively share your products and build your clientele, Pinterest also allows you to determine which of your pins generate the most clicks to your site with its free web analytics tool. You will also be able to know the amount of times a blog post from your site has been pinned and repinned. Learn more about using this free marketing source by reading the Pinerest Best Practice Guide, which provides tips to help your business flourish in the Pinterest world.