Personal Trainers Keep the Focus on Fitness with PayAnywhere

By Brooke Tajer on

For personal trainers, being constantly on the move isn't just a lifestyle, it's also an essential business practice. Clients are everywhere and personal fitness experts, often self-employed entrepreneurs, sometimes travelling to several different locations each day to accommodate their clients' schedules. But these ever-changing schedules can also be accompanied by uncertainty regarding payment. With PayAnywhere, personal trainers can effortlessly accept credit and debit card payments as they move from client to client, using the smartphone or tablet they already have.

With a service such as personal training, fitness experts depend on reliable and timely payment from their clients. Time is one of a trainers’ most valuable resources and a training session cannot be undone if a client only has a credit card and the trainer has no way to process credit card payments. However, with PayAnywhere this problem can be easily avoided. All it takes is the free PayAnywhere card reader and the free PayAnywhere app, available for download in the App Store, Google Play, and BlackBerry App World. Download the app, and plug the reader into your smartphone or tablet to ensure no workout goes unfunded because a client is short on cash.

With PayAnywhere, personal trainers enjoy the assurance of knowing there are zero hidden fees and transaction fees remain the same, the lowest in the industry at 2.69 percent per swiped transaction, regardless of the type of credit card that is used. This means that whether a personal trainers' schedule is packed due to clients' new years resolutions or a little slow around the holidays, the cost of using PayAnywhere won't change.

In addition to the added ease PayAnywhere brings for personal trainers, from a client's perspective, the mobile payment solution will only increase convenience. After a hard workout the last thing anyone wants to deal with is worrying about if they have enough cash or if they remembered their checkbook to pay for the session.

PayAnywhere, the ideal solution for both trainers and their clients, helps personal trainers keep the focus on the fitness and not on payment, by enabling effortless, reliable credit and debit card transactions anytime, anywhere.