Introducing PayAnywhere Version 2.0 for Android

By Brooke Tajer on

It's here! The new PayAnywhere app for Android gives users the smoothest transaction experience available with a host of new features to make customer checkout a breeze. Available for download today from Google Play, the new PayAnywhere 2.0 Android app offers advanced features that include: inventory management capabilities, support for multiple users on a single account, new wireless printer support, enhanced reporting features, and streamlined user settings.

PayAnywhere's newest Android app features a number of additional performance enhancing updates to make merchants' lives easier including:

-A simple and sleek new interface with easy access to inventory and reports

-A streamlined checkout process

-Deeper reporting tools allowing merchants to customize and filter reports and manage customer lists

-Inventory and user setting syncing capability

-Support for cash drawers and printers

-New language support for Spanish (with additional languages coming soon)

-An easier sign in process that requires just a username and password

-The ability to enable employees to accept payments on behalf of their employer or company

-Enhanced user settings for tips, printers, reports and more

In addition to the latest and greatest features, PayAnywhere version 2.0 Android users will have access to the enhanced online merchant portal, PayAnywhere Inside. The feature-rich portal gives merchants an inside look into their sales, business intelligence features, and advanced reporting capabilities to help keep their businesses growing.

Android users interested in upgrading to PayAnywhere version 2.0 will only need to download the updated app and reset their password to start swiping transactions today.

Merchants can find a list of supported Android devices and carriers below:

-Galaxy Tab 2 7 (GT-P3100) GSM/HSDPA

-Galaxy Tab 2 7 (GT-P3105) GSM/HSDPA Quad Band

-Galaxy Tab 2 7 (GT-P3110) Wifi Only

-Galaxy Tab 2 7 (SCH-I705) LTE

-Galaxy Tab 2 10 (GT-P5113TS) Wifi Only

-Galaxy Tab 2 10 (GT-P5100) GSM/HSDPA Quad Band

-Galaxy Tab 2 10 (SCH-I915) Verizon LTE

-Galaxy S4 (I9505G) Google Play Edition

-Galaxy S4 (I337) AT&T

-Galaxy S4 (M919) T-Mobile

-Galaxy S4 (I545) Verizon Wireless

-Galaxy S4 (L720) Sprint

-Galaxy S4 (R970) US Cellular

-Galaxy S III (SGH-T999) T-Mobile

-Galaxy S III (SGH-I747) AT&T

-Galaxy S III (SCH-R530) US Cellular

-Galaxy S III (SCH-I535) Verizon Wireless

-Galaxy S III (SPH-L710) Sprint

-Nexus 10 (P8110) Google Wifi only.

-Nexus 4 (LG-E960) T-Mobile

While the Android upgrade comes with many improved features, there are a few potential issues a small handful of merchants may experience:

-When attempting to add a photo to an inventory item on a Google Nexus 10 the camera will not work from within the app. However, photos can be selected from the Gallery, and images taken from the Android Camera app can be selected from there. This will be fixed when we announce version 2.0.1 later this year.

-When switching between merchants on a multi-merchant account, the inventory items may not sync automatically. Merchants should select "manual sync" from the settings page and the issue will be easily corrected.

-Older G3X readers will not work on the Galaxy Tab 2 10". This is an issue that will also be fixed when PayAnywhere announces version 2.0.1 later this year. If you are a merchant using this tablet with the G3X reader please contact customer service to have a new reader shipped out to you at no cost.

-Only users with multiple login accounts that have upgraded from the previous PayAnywhere Android app version will be able to share preexisting items, categories, and settings across all login accounts.

Any merchants experiencing problems signing in to PayAnywhere please feel free to contact us by email at or phone 866-506-8566 ext. 1785.