The Perfect Fit for Mobile Pet Care Businesses

By Brooke Tajer on

We all know how unmanageable Fluffy the family cat's mane can get if she misses her regular grooming appointment, but trying to carve out a block of time from a busy schedule can be just as difficult. Pet owners constantly on the go shouldn't have to sacrifice the care of their furry best friends. To solve this problem, pet care establishments are taking their businesses to the streets. From veterinary clinics to travelling grooming and styling services, the pet care industry is going mobile to meet patients and clients where it's most convenient for them.

For some businesses, forgoing the standard brick and mortar establishment means having to rethink how to conduct everyday business actions. Enter PayAnywhere. The premium mobile payment processor allows owners and employees to move from appointment to appointment while seamlessly accepting credit and debit card payments using the smartphone or tablet they already have. Mobile businesses of all types provide essential services to customers at their convenience and PayAnywhere ensures merchants are experiencing the same level of convenience when it comes to accepting payments.

PayAnywhere's comprehensive payment solution is easy to set up and even easier to use. With a streamlined single sign-on process that requires merchants to keep track of just one username and password, users can access the merchant portal, PayAnywhere Inside, and the wealth of business enhancing resources within it. PayAnywhere gives merchants the tools to grow their business while providing a reliable and simple method of accepting credit and debit cards to ensure no Chihuahua's yearly checkup is missed because the owner is short on cash.

The perfect fit for mobile pet care businesses, PayAnywhere helps merchants focus on serving our four-legged friends while enjoying the assurance of knowing there are zero hidden fees. PayAnywhere also provides the lowest transaction fees in the industry at 2.69 percent per swiped transaction, regardless of the type of credit card that is used.

So whether your mobile pet care business consists of a truck, a van or just you and several leashes, PayAnywhere can take the stress out of payment processing and help you keep your attention where it belongs, with Fluffy.