PA is Proud to Arm the Goodsmiths Community for Business on the Go

By Brooke Tajer on

More than 5,000 shops and 40,000 people currently use Goodsmiths, the marketplace for makers, to sell their homemade and handcrafted wares. This powerful marketplace of real businesses now has access to new mobile payment features in the Goodsmiths Swipe app, powered by the PayAnywhere API.

Merchants already love that the Goodsmiths Swipe app is the only app that syncs shop owners' handmade shops with their mobile device. Now, through the PayAnywhere API, these shop owners have access to the most comprehensive set of mobile payment and business intelligence features available to support their growing business.

With the Goodsmiths Swipe app, shop owners can take their online shops to market without the fear of losing track of their inventory or missing out on a sale because a customer is short on cash. The app allows shop owners to easily track sales and inventory from their online Goodsmiths shop, accept mobile credit and debit card payments on the go, enter deal prices and add new items on the fly. Not to mention, merchants will benefit from advanced business intelligence based on detailed and real-time sales reports. Setting up shop at a market or fair can be stressful, but with these tools featured on the Goodsmiths Swipe app merchants have everything they need at their fingertips.

Shop owners benefit from all these business boosting features, while enjoying the security of encrypted transactions and the lowest swiped transaction fee in the industry. And even better - shop owners' first 30-days of transaction processing is free!

Do you have an app that could benefit from adding a mobile payment capability? Follow Goodsmiths' lead and add the easy to integrate PayAnywhere API to instantly add mobile payment processing to your mobile app. Learn more about the PayAnywhere API and get started today!