PayAnywhere's Privacy Policy Explained

By Brooke Tajer on

At PayAnywhere, protecting our merchants' sensitive data is one of our highest priorities. That's why, to clear up any confusion that may be out there, we wanted to take a few moments to explain our privacy policy to you. First off, if you've read our privacy policy you may have seen mention of the collection of social security numbers and/or banking information. Know that since we have one all-encompassing privacy policy, it contains language referencing every step of the merchant lifecycle and that social security and banking information is only collected during the application process - a standard within the transactions industry.

We do not collect such information at any other time, including when you are using your app. In fact, at no point do we collect information from you other than relevant system information that we need in the rare instance that the app crashes. Even then, that information is not specific to users and thus is not personal in nature. We only collect that information so that our third-party bug tracking service can identify any trending issues that need to be resolved to make the PayAnywhere app run as seamlessly as you've come to expect it to.

Also, a few merchants have asked about the inclusion of a permission in version 2.0 of the PayAnywhere app that allowed it to launch when your device boots. That was implemented solely to allow location services and would not, unlike some other apps, launch other services that would result in a device's battery draining more quickly. With the release of version 2.0.1 of our app, we have changed how we handle location services and removed that permission.

You can rest assured that any data collected once you have been approved for a PayAnywhere account is entirely impersonal in nature and is only collected so that we can continue to bring you and your customers as smooth a transaction process as possible.

We hope that clears up any confusion and we hope you have a happy and prosperous holiday season.