PayAnywhere Merchants Prepare for Labor Day Lines

By Brooke Tajer on

The summer season is officially winding down and with school right around the corner, families everywhere are trying to make the most of the upcoming long weekend. This Labor Day Weekend, customers will be out and about taking advantage of the last official holiday until Thanksgiving and it's up to PayAnywhere merchants to capitalize on these potential sales. Whether merchants are selling camping essentials at a popular campground or cotton candy on a crowded boardwalk, PayAnywhere's mobile credit card processing solution is there to prepare merchants for the inevitable Labor Day rush.

PayAnywhere merchants can get ready for the Labor Day crowds by adding another user or two to their accounts before the weekend. The last thing customers want to do on their weekend off is wait in long lines at the marina to get some last minute boating supplies or take too much time out of their relaxing day at the beach to wait for the crowds to die down at the ice cream stand. Merchants shouldn't have to worry about missing out on these sales or any others because their business can’t process payments fast enough. And customers shouldn’t have to worry about sacrificing their precious vacation time waiting in long lines only to hear the dreaded words, "cash only." The ability to easily add additional users to a PayAnywhere account through the online portal, PayAnywhere Inside, can make all the difference in situations like these. All merchants need to do to add users to their PayAnywhere account is log in to PayAnywhere Inside at and follow the simple steps found here.

Customers want convenience and are going to choose the vacation spots that offer them just that. Merchants using PayAnywhere can establish their locations as awesome weekend getaways that welcome crowds by offering them the best payment options so they can pay with ease and quickly get back to the important things like boating, camping and simply relaxing.

PayAnywhere hopes everyone has a fun-filled and safe Labor Day Weekend! Happy Sales!