PayAnywhere Keeps Food Carts On a Roll

By Brooke Tajer on

It's been nearly 150 years since the first food trucks - known as chuck wagons - appeared on the American scene. Since then food carts and trucks have become wildly popular, with these tiny restaurants creating gourmet food courts in vacant lots in cities all over America. There are two major differences between the food carts of yesteryear and those of today: first, the food is so much better, and second, patrons can now pay with credit cards.

The modern food truck revolution in full swing, forever changing the concept of "restaurant." Today's food trucks are not roving "roach coaches" selling greasy or prepackaged food to hungry workers looking for a cheap and easy lunch. They are specialized bistros offering flavorful and sometimes exotic fare for the foodies and the convenient meal seekers alike. Grouped together, they provide diners a smorgasbord of epicurean delights. With over three million food trucks and more than five million food carts in the United States, the challenges of running a successful food cart business are now apparent at every turn.

One way to improve the success of a small business, like a food truck, is to increase the sales potential with the customer base. Whether youÕre catering to local downtown workers or tourists who are drawn by the aromas, adding credit card transactions not only provides convenience for patrons, but has been shown to increase sales, sometimes dramatically. Yes, even in a vacant lot or on a city sidewalk without electricity or in the heat of the lunchtime rush, nomadic chefs can quickly, easily provide their customers the convenience of paying with credit and debit cards right from their smartphone or tablet.

Enter PayAnywhere, the easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go credit card solution for serious businesses. PayAnywhere has created a mobile point-of-sale solution that food trucks and quick-service restaurants will immediately find to be an asset to their business. Offering the lowest transaction fees in the industry, PayAnywhere couples credit card processing with a feature-rich mobile app that speedily manages transactions, giving a new meaning to the term "fast food."

The card reader securely plugs into the audio jack of your device and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and BlackBerry smartphones. Designed to assure the credit card is read in a single swipe, it's also encrypted to protect customers' payment information. The easy to use app lets food truck chefs setup a menu with pictures and descriptions for fast order entry and checkout. The app even has options for taxes and tips. And the app is fast, able to complete a transaction from start to finish in well under minute. Real-time transaction reporting and an online Merchant Portal gives you access to important business analytics so you can know what sells the best, and where the best sales are happening. If desired, custom, fully-branded receipts can be sent to customers by email or printed. And because business analytics are so important, the PayAnywhere app can also help you track cash sales too.

With a flick of the wrist, PayAnywhere helps customers quickly pay for their eats using their preferred method of payment. For food trucks that stay open for late night eats, PayAnywhere has you covered with their 24/7 customer service support system. PayAnywhere strives to provide food cart and truck owners with a robust mobile payment system for their growing business. The simplicity of the single swipe transaction guarantees faster moving lines and increased traffic flow.

With smartphones and tablets invading our pockets, the seamless transaction trend is here to stay. With PayAnywhere, merchants and buyers alike stand to gain not only a better way of doing business but more flexibility in how transactions are conducted.

So what are you waiting for? Get to eating!