PayAnywhere Keeps Businesses on the Go!

By Brooke Tajer on

Recently, many entrepreneurs and small business owners have decided to ditch the old school brick and mortar model to embrace the latest trend to hit the business world, mobile businesses. The newest way of conducting business allows owners to take their products directly to customers instead of waiting for consumers to come to them.

To help support the increasingly popular on-the-go business model, owners need to be able to conduct payments at a moment's notice, from wherever they are at the time of sale. Whether they are parked at a local farmers market or stopped dead in the middle of traffic on a busy day, being able to accept credit and debit card transactions is crucial to growing their budding business on wheels. For mobile business owners previously unable to provide these payment services, do not fear, there is a solution for you. Mobile businesses, meet PayAnywhere. PayAnywhere, meet mobile businesses. With PayAnywhere's mobile credit card processing solution, mobile business owners, entrepreneurs and small business owners will be able to simply swipe a customerÕs credit or debit card whenever and wherever a possible sale arises, increasing the convenience for both the customers and merchants as well as ultimately increasing revenue.

With zero hidden fees, PayAnywhere provides mobile business owners with the lowest transaction fees in the industry at 2.69 percent per swiped transaction, regardless of the type of card used. Processing credit and debit card transactions is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to services PayAnywhere provides merchants. With the free PayAnywhere card reader and the easy-to-use PayAnywhere mobile app (available for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices), merchants can easily track customer purchases to anticipate trends, organize inventories for smoother checkout processes and customize receipts to include important contact information and social media promotions.

With business literally on the move, it's critical for owners to be able to provide a convenient and efficient way to conduct payments. Sign up for a PayAnywhere account today and keep your business on the go!