PayAnywhere Improves Customer Service

By Brooke Tajer on

At PayAnywhere, we are always working hard to improve merchant satisfaction. That's why, over the last few weeks, we've made some significant improvements to our customer service team.

Since the start of the year, we've implemented a dedicated team for our PayAnywhere product. This team is highly trained and equipped to handle a variety of issues. You no longer need to be passed around from person to person to find an expert to take care of your specific issue. Our team can do it all.

This dedication to all-encompassing customer service has resulted in a 50 percent decrease in call times, with the average hold time now at approximately one minute.

We are proud to offer live customer support to all merchants - something you won't find with some of our competitors. And best of all, our team is based here in the United States.

Don't worry; even with the changes, all of our standard features are still available. You can live chat with us, email us or call us if you have any problems or questions. For more information, check out our customer service page.