PayAnywhere Helps Shoppers Stay in the Fast Lane

By Brooke Tajer on

Shopping, for many, brings about a sense of euphoria. For some, trying on the season's latest trends and finding great deals can be an ideal way to spend a rainy Saturday. For others, the need to shop is just another item on an ever growing to-do list. For those who donÕt live to shop the need to get in and out and onto the next agenda item can make waiting in line a huge pain. Waiting for the ancient credit card terminal to run payments can be brutal and with mobile point of sale (mPOS) being hailed as the next big thing for in-store technology, retailers of all sizes can equip themselves with a solution that will increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

Shoppers and retailers everywhere, say hello to PayAnywhere, the ultimate mPOS solution to ensure that as a customer you have a simple and enjoyable payment experience and as a retailer you can expand your business by easily and safely accepting credit and debit cards.

Equipped with a PayAnywhere credit card reader, employees can walk down a checkout line and assist customers ready to pay with their transaction needs. By simply plugging the card reader into an iOS, Android or BlackBerry device of their choice, employees allow customers to swipe their credit and debit cards anywhere in the store, and then automatically generate an electronic receipt sent to the customer. Like any new technology, educating staff and consumers is key to encouraging PayAnywhere's adoption. But with an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use step-by-step screens, PayAnywhere is simple to use. Businesses can even have multiple readers in use at once, so they can not only assist busy customers but also increase efficiency, ultimately driving revenue.

The ability to easily add additional users to a PayAnywhere account through the online portal, PayAnywhere Inside, can make all the difference in an industry with high employee churn, such as retail clothing. All small retailers need to do in order to add additional employees to their PayAnywhere account is log in to PayAnywhere Inside at and follow the simple steps found there.

Also available in PayAnywhere Inside are rich transaction-based analytics that retailers can use to manage inventory, track sales trends, balance their books, and optimize their business. All this coupled with the lowest transaction fee in the industry - just 2.69% per swiped transaction, means retailers get the latest and greatest technology while increasing their sales. And with no hidden fees, lengthy contracts, or extra charges, PayAnywhere has just one question for retailers who haven't made the switch to mPOS just yet. What are you waiting for?!