PayAnywhere Helps Makeup Stay Fresh

By Brooke Tajer on

Most women love makeup. It's a fact! Companies like Avon and Mary Kay have capitalized on women's desire for the finest makeup and scents and have made it even more convenient for women to access their favorites by bringing beauty products directly to them. With consultants who provide the newest makeup and beauty products in person, at parties, or online, away from the stressful environment malls or beauty shops can bring, women are able to purchase their beauty vices in comfortable environments. For consultants providing these makeup services, PayAnywhere's mobile point of sale solution can help ensure their customers' payment experience is smooth and secure. This makes customers happy and happy customers mean happy consultants.

Numbering more than 15.6 million in the U.S. alone, makeup consultants come from a variety of backgrounds. From the stay-at-home mom working on the side while her children are at school, to the undergraduate student trying to make ends meet, each rep is trying to get ahead and grow their business. Equipped with PayAnywhere, consultants can conduct debit and credit card transactions with the flick of their wrist and a customer's signature. Whether selling makeup at a large party or to your next door neighbor, PayAnywhere's services include a customized online portal with real-time transaction reporting, professional receipts and other business intelligence designed to help consultants maximize their business potential.

With a low transaction fee of 2.69% per swiped transaction and 3.49% + $0.19 per keyed transaction, makeup consultants across the U.S. need not worry about high fees, lengthy contracts, or extra charges. As consultants sell lipsticks, powders and brushes, they can be guaranteed that PayAnywhere will continue to deliver an affordable full-service mobile credit card processing solution for their every business need.

Getting started is easy! Simply download the PayAnywhere app, sign up for an account and plug the free card reader into the audio jack of your device. The app and reader are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphones and tablets and BlackBerry smartphones. PayAnywhere - - putting a pretty face on payment processing.