PayAnywhere Gets Ready to Rock

By Brooke Tajer on

We all remember that moment... the lights are blaring, the music is blasting and you're swaying to the music of your favorite band, live in concert. Long after the concert is over you can still remember that feeling, and what better way to jog your memory and prove to your friends you were actually there than the official concert swag. Tour t-shirts, posters, hoodies and beanies have long been the symbol of a concert proudly attended. But for concert goers and workers alike the simple act of purchasing goods after a sold out show can be a complete nightmare. The long lines, rowdy crowd and lack of cash can turn what should be a painless merchandise or ticket transaction into a drawn out fiasco. PayAnywhere to the rescue. With the help of the PayAnywhere free mobile app and card reader, merchants and music lovers can keep their sanity, buy and sell cool stuff, and keep enjoying the music!

For band members or managers manning the merchandise table, PayAnywhere is the affordable, easy-to-use mobile credit card processing solution for you. The free app and card reader bring complete mobility to the credit card processing game. Compatible with iPads, iPhones, iPod touch, Android smartphones or tablets, and BlackBerry smartphones, odds are good that PayAnywhere will work with the device you already have, making it that much easier to get started today.

PayAnywhere gives merchants advanced sales optimization tools, all for free, as part of the PayAnywhere app. Tools like the PayAnywhere Heat Map, which shows a merchant when and where their sales took place, help businesses to optimize their operations. PayAnywhere also gives merchants a free online Merchant Portal which includes a wealth of detailed transaction reports and charts to help you stay on top of all your concert merchandise transactions.

The online PayAnywhere Merchant Portal allows merchants to keep track of detailed transaction information, review statements, run detailed reports and print and email copies of receipts to customers. For concert staff needing to keep track of what product is being sold, the Merchant Portal comes with an inventory feature that allows you to add a detailed description of the item, along with a photo to make it ultra-simple when it's time to check out. Easily set up your detailed inventory option by building categories of the product or service being provided, color coding it for quick identification, setting a price, snapping a photo and voila! You are ready to rock onto the next customer.

PayAnywhere isn't just useful for selling merchandise at the show. With PayAnywhere, music fans can see their favorite underground grunge band play at the neighborhood dive bar, all while avoiding the harsh realities a "cash only" door sign can bring. Doormen equipped with PayAnywhere can help venue owners by not only avoiding the costly rental of ATM kiosks, but also the high transaction fees that accompany it.