PayAnywhere Gets in the Game

By Brooke Tajer on

Let the games begin!

With the season changing from summer to fall and kids heading back to school, it also means that the fall sports season has arrived. As we replace swimsuits and flip flops with jerseys and cleats, we usher in the beginning of the football, soccer and hockey season. Whether your kids are playing for their school soccer league, or cheerleading from the sidelines for the football season, there is nearly always a price for participation. Parents can be expected to shell out hundreds of dollars over the course of a sports season, for everything from administrative dues and space rental, to equipment and uniform fees. Each of these expenses are frequently billed separately, often becoming a major nuisance for parents.

In order to keep your sanity and your pocketbook intact, PayAnywhere's mobile credit card processing system is here to help keep your head in the game while you take care of those sports fees with ease.

When used as an administrative tool, PayAnywhere allows coaches, parents, intramural leagues or school officials the ability to process transactions anytime, from anywhere. Whether from the sideline of a game or in a bus headed to an out of state match, PayAnywhere is the total mobile payments solution to make sure fees are processed and taken care of simply and efficiently.

Equipped with a built-in merchant portal, team administrators using the mobile credit card system will be able to not only have a detailed account of all transaction activity but will benefit from the lowest processing fees in the industry (2.69% per swiped transaction or 3.49% + $0.19 per keyed transaction when taking payments over the phone.) Did we mention that PayAnywhere allows teams and leagues to both track and manage individual player's transactions? Say goodbye to lost checks or misguided funds and say hello to the easiest way to keep sports team's transactions in check for the season.

For teams and leagues interested in fundraising this season, PayAnywhere is the mobile payments solution for you! Simply download the free app to your iOS, Android or BlackBerry smartphone or tablet, sign your team up for a merchant account, and receive your free card reader in the mail. You can now instantly begin processing transactions for any fundraising activities your team may choose.

With PayAnywhere, taking credit card payments for cake walks, magazine subscription sales and bake sales is the easiest thing you'll have to do all season.

So huddle up with PayAnywh and learn more about the many ways our free app and credit card reader can help get your team's finances in shape for the upcoming season.

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