PayAnywhere 4.1 Available Now

By Ashley Littles on
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PayAnywhere logoPayAnywhere 4.1 for is available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! The updated features improved customization and security, as well as added reporting capabilities.

Here is what you can expect from 4.1:

Flash Report

At the close of the day or right before an afternoon rush, you can total your net sales, discounts, refunds and more to get a high-level view of your transaction history.

Product Sales Report

You can now filter performance reports by item and category to capture quantity and sales volume.

These reports are also available on PayAnywhere Inside.

Receipt Settings

Find your most recent transaction right from the sell screen, making checkouts run faster for a better customer experience.

Signature and Tip

PayAnywhere 4.1 has a redesigned feature that makes it easier for customers to see totals and add a tip.

Touch ID

For those of you using PayAnywhere on an iPhone 6, don’t waste time with recovering credentials! Log in quickly and securely using Touch ID. 

Questions or concerns about the new functionality? As always, we are available to take your calls at 877-387-5640.