PayAnywhere 4.0 Now for Android Tablets and Storefront

By Brooke Tajer on
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PayAnywhere Card ReaderIt’s here! PayAnywhere 4.0 for Android tablets and PayAnywhere Storefront is available now. If you have PayAnywhere Storefront, the update has been pushed to your machine already. If you use PayAnywhere on a tablet, you can get the update in Google Play.

So what can you expect with PayAnywhere 4.0? You get new and improved features, including split tender, item library, receipts, Apple Pay and other contactless payments.

Item Library

With the update, you can create an organized item library with Categories and Favorites, assign multiple prices and modifiers to items for add-ons or special requests, and you can now add discounts at the item or cart level.

Split Tender

Split Tender allows you to accept multiple forms of payments on a single transaction.


PayAnywhere 4.0 allows you to offer your customers receipts by email, paper and SMS. Now, you can set up your customized email receipt in Settings and see a real-time preview of your changes.

Apple Pay and Contactless Payments

Be one of the first to accept Android Pay and Apple Pay on your Android devices with the new PayAnywhere Mobile NFC reader available now in Apple Stores or online.

With PayAnywhere Storefront, you will notice UI/UX improvements that create a more optimal payments experience for you and your customers.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about this update, please call us at 877-387-5640.