The New and Improved PayAnywhere App and Merchant Portal are here!

By Brooke Tajer on

Change is good...and we've made some great changes to the PayAnywhere app and merchant portal that we think you're going to love. The latest and greatest upgrades to the PayAnywhere iOS app and merchant portal include boosted performance, new bilingual in-app support with Spanish language prompts and new advanced inventory features.

In addition to next day funding and the lowest transaction fees in the industry - just 2.69% - for all swiped Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express transactions, merchants can now enjoy several new features to make running a business smoother than ever.

The latest update to the award-winning PayAnywhere iOS app features performance enhancing updates to make your life easier including:

  • Easier transactions: We've streamlined everything from inventory tracking to the checkout process to ensure that every swipe is seamless.
  • Sleek new user interface: To make your checkout process as simple as possible we've reorganized the menu for straight-forward transaction processing with easy access to selling, inventory and reports.
  • Spanish language support: Accessibility is important to us and now you can choose between Spanish and English in-app prompts and reports.
  • Hassle-free refunds and pre-authorizations: Whether you're running partial pre-authorizations on charges, issuing refunds for specific items or adjusting the price on particular items, you can do it all from within the new app.
  • In-depth reporting: Receive your data how you want to receive it. Set the customizable filters to view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales as well as zoom in on a particular region using the enhanced heat maps to see exactly where your sales are happening.
  • Cross-platform syncing: Be in the loop regardless of what device you're on. Now your inventory and app settings will automatically sync across all your devices.

The PayAnywhere app isn't the only place we made changes for the better...The new feature-rich new merchant portal, PayAnywhere Inside, gives merchants an inside track on their sales, with new features including:

  • Single sign on: One username and password. That's all you need to access both the app and PayAnywhere Inside, because you have enough to keep track of.
  • Support for multiple users: You're not always the only person using your account. We know that and want to make it easier for you to allow your employees to accept payments on your behalf.
  • Enhanced view of account activity: Now track sales with the ability to filter and export reports to get the
  • Easily update your profile: Things change. We get it. Now it's easier than ever for you to make these changes all on your own.
  • Improved referral program: Like us? Refer us and make some extra cash. Track your referrals and rewards from within PayAnywhere Inside.

The new and improved PayAnywhere app is available now at the Apple App Store. So what are you waiting for?