Mobile Payments with PayAnywhere and North American Bancard

By Brooke Tajer on

If you're familiar with the payment processing industry, you've most likely heard of "The Green Sheet." It's a publication that has been a trusted source for those in the industry. And on that note, we're happy to report that Pay Anywhere has been featured in "The Green Sheet" twice since launching in late January.

In comparison to other mobile payment solutions, Pay Anywhere has the one thing that most others are missing. And that's North American Bancard. So yes, when you sign up for Pay Anywhere you get a mobile app and card reader accessory, but more importantly you also get a merchant account from North American Bancard that is extremely secure and well-supported. North American Bancard has nearly 20 years of experience as a merchant services provider. Annually, North American Bancard processes more than $10 billion in transactions for more than 100,000 merchants nationwide. According to North American Bancard founder and president Marc Gardner, this experience matters - "We put a high level of importance on customer care and tech support, and where we provide a point of differentiation on that customer care experience is the fact that we have over 400 people here supporting these accounts."

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