The Perfect Solution for Hairdressers Everywhere

By Brooke Tajer on

The hair-care profession consists of various different working arrangements. Some stylists are employed by boutiques while others rent out chairs and work independently at such establishments. There are also many hairstylists that freelance, some of whom work from their living rooms and others that travel to the homes of clients.

Regardless of the operation base, it's crucial to have an efficient means for taking payments. A mobile credit card reader can make things easier for the following types of stylists.

Outbound Hairdressers

As an outbound hairdresser, you're bound to see numerous clients in a variety of locations. Whether most of these appointments occur across town or near your own neighborhood, you will need to have a means for accepting payments from various types of cardholders. With the PayAnywhere credit card reader, you'll be able to instantly process payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.

Stay-at-Home Hairdressers

Running a hairstyling business from your own home can help you maximize profits by cutting down on overhead. Depending on the rates you charge and the length of an average appointment, you might accept as many as three clients per day or merely five clients per week. Given the amount of loyalty you endure from your client base, tips might account for a third of your earnings. The PayAnywhere app will calculate your sales and allow your clients to choose from one of several tipping percentages.

On-Location Hair Stylists

Styling for productions is one of the more challenging tricks of the trade, whether you're coiffing the stars of Broadway and cinema or the talking heads of television. The assignments could range from wild to formal and trendy to glamorous, but every on-set gig is likely to yield high pay. Swiped transactions on the PayAnywhere reader are only charged 2.69 percent - the lowest in the mobile payment industry.

Chair-Renting Hairdressers

Some salons will have you rent space, produce your own equipment and handle your own bookkeeping. You might specialize in dyes and perms or you may do mostly extensions and straightening, but either way your clients will hope to look like millions of bucks in the end. For all the money that you make in return, the wireless, portable PayAnywhere app and credit card reader deposits funds within one business day and integrates with QuickBooks for easy bookkeeping.

With its ability to calculate totals, tabulate tips, process sales, and accept all major card brands, PayAnywhere is an essential tool for hairstylists in any professional setting.