Mobile Card Processing: Essential for All Outbound Service People

By Brooke Tajer on

Few lines of work offer as many surprises as the outbound services industry. From cable installation and plumbing to house painting, mowing and moving, every client has his or her own unique preferences and requests. One thing they all have in common is a wish to pay with ease and convenience - a need that works both ways.

Cable/Computer Repair

These days, no one can afford to be without the internet. From email and messaging to work and social commitments, most people need internet access at home and on foot, 24/7. Whether you end up dealing with faulty wiring or malfunctioning machines, it's crucial to get people back online promptly. With so many locations on your service roster, you must also have a modern means for accepting payments. Meeting those needs is the PayAnywhere credit card reader, which works with iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.


Plumbers are needed on the double at numerous locations around the clock. When things get clogged, home life hangs in the balance Ð whether the problem involves a malfunctioning toilet or a ruptured pipeline. In addition to the various obstructions that must be cleared on the line of duty, you also need the means to accommodate a variety of cardholders. Fortunately, the PayAnywhere reader will allow you to accept credit card payments from MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

House Painting

Painting houses can be both hectic and creative. Your work brings color to people's lives and transforms the look of homes, but you must sometimes scale drastic heights just to reach those stubborn areas. But as with many home-improvement jobs, your clients might decide they want more as things progress, which ultimately leads to greater workloads and income. When checkout time arrives, the PayAnywhere reader will allow you to set the tipping rate according to the generosity and preference of each client.

Furniture Moving

Moving takes strength and care because it involves the constant lifting and safe delivery of heavy objects, whether you're moving roomfuls for college students or house-loads for affluent families. While big moves are costly, you deserve every penny for your physical exertions. With a PayAnywhere reader on hand, you'll be able to process credit card payments instantly with fees of only 2.69 percent on swiped transactions Ð the lowest in the mobile payments industry.


Lawn mowers are needed everywhere between the warm weeks of spring and the colorful months of fall. As grass gets tall, brown and weed-infested, your job is to keep it freshly manicured and bright green around public and private properties. You should also have a portable means for accepting payments from any location, regardless of AC-outlet availability. The wireless PayAnywhere card reader serves this need by allowing you to process payments from any area with an Internet connection.