Make the Most of the Summer Slowdown

By Brooke Tajer on

Business tends to slow down during the summer months as executives take vacation and the wait for fall programs and projects begins. It is important to stay motivated to combat negative effects on workplace morale and productivity. The slow period can be put to good use. While everyone is in relaxation mode, you can work behind the scenes to push your business forward.

Here are five ways you can make use of the summer slowdown:

1. Make schedule adjustments.

This is the ideal time to make schedule adjustments and see what works best for you. Try going to the office earlier so you can leave earlier. If you work best later in the day, go in a little later. If you could use a day off, put in a few extra hours early in the week so you can have Friday to yourself. Schedule your meetings and project-based tasks for your most productive hours. Shift things around as you see fit. As a small business owner, you can give yourself a certain degree of flexibility.

2. Try delegating tasks.

Sometimes running a small business can feel like a one-person show. While things are a bit slower, test out your options. Delegate tasks to your employees. Try outsourcing some of your work to save time. Consider hiring virtual staff for the things you never seem to get around to doing. Shorten your to-do list by making use of resources available to you. This practice will reward you with more free time or the ability to engage in more profitable activities.

3. Work off-location.

Technology gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. Take your tablet or smartphone to a nearby park. The change of scenery will boost your morale, and may even help you tap into your own creativity. Remember that you don’t have to be stuck in the office, staring at the same walls. Working from other locations may be just what you need to increase productivity.

4. Focus on one to-do item.

Sometimes small business owners get bogged down in a never-ending list of tasks. One item can often get pushed further and further down the list of things to do. Choose that items and set aside time to focus on it. The summer slowdown provides a great opportunity to take on the looming tasks of updating the company website, creating a how-to guide, or taking a certification course. Take advantage of the downtime by making it productive.

5. Take time off.

You may not want to take two weeks off, but a few long weekends may be just what you need. Remember that relaxation is a necessity. It can be tempting to overwork when you run a small business, but it’s better for you and the business if you enjoy some time off. It’s great for your health, creativity, and morale. Disconnect from your business and leave it in someone else’s capable hands so you time off is not spent worrying about what is going on at the office.

The slow summer period often seems like a bad thing, but you can use it to your advantage. Make it a time for experimentation, growth, and finding balance.