Just A Little Update On Pay Anywhere

By Brooke Tajer on

To the readers of the Pay Anywhere Blog: We're sorry for the lack of updates on this front. However, we've been busy making updates to the Pay Anywhere application for both Apple and Android. The mobile payments landscape is growing and we're growing with it.

As more and more options for mobile credit card processing become available, Pay Anywhere strives to maintain its position as the only "no compromise" mobile payment system. That said, we've got a lot of ideas in mind, but we've also been listening to what Pay Anywhere users are telling us. And even with all the enhancements we're making, we're making sure to stay affordable (low transaction rates, no setup or cancellation fees, no monthly minimums required), easy-to-use (an easy-to-navigate UI, help guides and videos, and 24/7 tech support), and secure.

So be sure to stay tuned for the next update to Pay Anywhere - you won't want to miss this version. It'll make accepting credit cards on your mobile device an even smoother experience!