PayPal Is The New PayAnywhere Payments Partner

By Brooke Tajer on
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 PayAnywhere is happy to announce a new partnership with PayPal that will enable PayAnywhere 3.0 Storefront merchants to accept PayPal mobile in-store payments.

PayPal photo check-in allows PayAnywhere Storefront merchants to see a list of PayPal users in or near their store. Once a customer is ready to make a purchase, the merchant locates and selects the customer from the on-screen menu. No wallets, no swipes, and no signatures. It’s that simple.

For PayPal users, paying with PayPal is easy and it only takes a few taps to get set up. Simply launch the PayPal app on your smartphone, locate a business within the “shop” tab, and check-in to pay at the point of sale with PayPal. It really is that simple! Millions of PayPal customers can pay with PayPal in-store using the PayPal app on their mobile device.

What does this mean for PayAnywhere Storefront merchants? That’s easy. The integration of PayPal photo check-in with PayAnywhere 3.0 can help speed up your transaction process and minimize long lines at your counter – just in time for the holiday shopping season.

In addition to speeding up your transactions, as a PayAnywhere storefront merchant you can offer PayPal users a more personalized shopping experience – you can even greet them by name.

For more information, visit or read the FAQ PDF. Happy check-ins!

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