Incentives for our App Interns

By Brooke Tajer on

At PayAnywhere, we have built a successful company with help from many contributing factors. Our mobile credit card processing equipment, low transaction rates, unmatched merchant account, loyal customers and fantastic team leadership are just a start. However, one of the greatest parts of our company is the people that work behind the scenes. From long-time employees to innovative interns, PayAnywhere fosters the creative environment that helps individuals flourish and business prosper.

At a truly exciting time in our company's growth, PayAnywhere's team has come to be familiar with the mantra, "the more the merrier!" As such, we are continuously bringing new employees on board, with incentives for new hires that remain unmatched by competing companies.

Our CEO, Marc Gardner, has taken strides that demonstrate just how valuable our interns are to us. As we found that the students at the University of Michigan were having trouble commuting from Ann Arbor to Troy for the interview process, Gardner stepped up to the challenge and rented Metro cars for the hopeful candidates.

Once hired, interns were faced with another problematic situation; housing. We then enlisted our Director of Human Relations, Danielle Crane to scout apartment buildings that would be more-than-suitable for interns to reside at during their time with our company. Currently, these interns are living in Troy-area apartments close to headquarters and an exciting city atmosphere.

As a company, we are committed to nurturing a work-environment where employees know they are appreciated, and their skills won't go unnoticed. We have made a commitment to maintaining an environment that not only furthers the company's product, but strengthens the education of those investing their time in it.