How To Up Your Social Media Impact With Instagram

By Ashley Littles on
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iOS_Feed_iPhone_6.pngIf your social media strategy doesn’t include Instagram, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities. No longer is it just a bunch of pictures of people’s lunch, it’s a thriving platform packed with potential for businesses.

Here are some creative ways to feed your followers with eye-catching posts that create engagement and drive sales:

Go hashtag happy.  When people search for topics on Instagram, it’s the hashtags you use that get you in the mix. You can use up to 30 per post, so think creatively about how people might search for what you’re offering. #hashtagsaregood

Set the tone. Determine the look and feel you’re going for, and stick with it. That doesn’t mean all of the posts need to be the same, but they should have a cohesive look and feel to them.

Be consistent. Once you start posting, post regularly. That may be several times a day, weekly or monthly, but set a rhythm and stick with it.

Mix it up. Don’t post images and videos only related to your business. Add some personality to your account with fun pictures, quotes and messages that are relatable to your followers.

Build your following. Follow others in your industry and like their photos. Cross-post to Facebook from Instagram to let your Facebook followers know they can find you there too.

Optimize your profile. Make sure it contains all the relevant information people need to find you and do business with you. Also, make sure your profile is public so people can easily find and follow you.

Select your user name wisely. Select your user name wisely. While you may not get to use the exact name of your business as your username, try to make it similar. Also, try to make it the same or similar to your Twitter username for consistency.

Finally, while Instagram can have a seriously solid impact on your business, it should be fun too. So get creative and have fun!