How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

By PayAnywhere on
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You have the product. You have the business. Now, what?

Well, it’s time to build your businesses brand! While this may sound easy in theory, connecting with customers on an emotional level and creating a strong brand presence is not. To do this, you need to get customers to notice your business's brand - and you can with these three tips:

Connect with Customers

The best way to get your brand seen and liked by more people is by increasing your presence on social media and through review sites. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and the even more popular Instagram are by far the easiest ways to connect with millions of users instantly. With these sites, you can monitor the comments, likes and shares of customers who interact with your business. Review sites are a bit trickier to manage, but their results can be just as useful. The role of review sites such as Yelp is important since Google business's ranking is determined by those reviews. Another way to track customer insights is by using a sentiment analysis tool.

Stay Consistent

As a small business owner, the one thing you should always keep consistent is your brand image. Consistency in your brand will keep and attract new customers. They want to be able to see a connection between all platforms that the brand represents. Take Coca-Cola for instance; it has always stayed consistent with its dedications to its campaigns, color, voice and logo (which hasn’t changed since 1886). These consistencies not only promote a sense of familiarity with all marketing platforms but customers hardly ever give Coca-Cola negative reviews. This shows that once you have found your brand image, keep it consistent and customers will start to recognize it and follow it. 

Write Blogs

In today’s age of social media, creating a blog and gaining traction is easier than ever. Not only is blog writing easy to do, it's inexpensive too. And don’t be concerned that your blog posts aren’t going viral. The purpose of a business blog is to reach your customers through relative information that is meaningful and contains useful content. By consistently updating your blog, you allow more and more customers to experience your brand, thus creating enthusiasts.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with topics to write about, try referencing your customer’s questions in a public blog post. You can also research keywords and other similar topics about your small business. In fact, a Business Wire survey was conducted and 44% of consumers want to read about tips for using a brands product while 34% liked to hear about real life customer stories.

Building a brand can be a long process, but these three tips will help make your small business stand out against your competitors. So whether you connect with your customers on different marketing platforms, stay consistent with your brand altogether or use blogging to help drive traffic to your website, all these options can help increase your brand.